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Make A Donation!

Each event costs us about $100 to run, but is free to the children who participate. With your donation, we will continue to be able to offer this to every child that wishes to participate! Thank you for your support!

Hello! I’m Kristy Sorensen the founder of Playitforward Kids.

I am extremely excited that you are interested in joining the Playitforward kids community. Playitforward Kids is an initiative to help families introduce fun and playful ideas to promote their children to be more kind, thoughtful and giving on a daily basis. There are many articles that support the fact that it is necessary to teach your children these traits. Toddler tantrums is a perfect example of displaying the fact that our children are not born to appreciate what they have. They act out with emotions of anger, disappointment and selfishness until we are able to show or teach them how to be kind and appreciative. We make toys for sheltered pets, lunches for the homeless, craft with nursing homes, rake leaves for our neighbors, clean up parks, beaches, thank our police officers, cheer on our special needs friends and so much more!

Playitforward kid’s monthly events are a simple and fun activity that promote kindness in this world. Join us now to be a Playitforward kid, and someday grow up to be a Playitforward Adult. We can’t wait to Playitforward with you! We are finalizing our site, but until then follow us on Facebook for all the event information!