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For Ludo’s (Island/ Redbird Records) last 3 national tours we have been in charge of creation and management of all marketing, advertising and promotional assets. Among a million other things this includes getting to design full page ads for magazines like Alternative Press.

Broken Bride Tour
For the Broken Bride tour we repackaged Ludo’s Debut Release ‘Ludo’ (2003), and ‘The Broken Bride EP’ (2005) for a proper Redbird Records release. We provided posters, ads, and admats. We also created a micro site featuring Broken Bride news, tour dates, and special content.

Space Drakula’s Basktetball Expo
As the name above sounds, this tour was a little out there to say the least. So we though it deserved its own profile. Please take a second and CLICK HERE. It will be worth your while.

Prepare the Preparations Tour
For Ludo’s second Island records release ‘Prepare The Preparations’, we handled creation and management of all assets related to the 28 city tour.

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- Web Design
- Branding
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