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Mutare is a software development company specializing in unified messaging, smart notification and speech technology systems. Their customers include: Apple, GE, Pixar, Harvard University and thousands of others.

Mutare first came to us in the summer of 2012 with a migration project. Mutare had recently acquired Stage 8 Systems and loved the website we had developed for them. They wanted to migrate the Stage 8 Systems site to be the new home of their Healthcare division. This required working within the existing framework and CSS, integrating the Mutare branding, colors, and content. This was a quick job that required a 48 hour turnaround.

In the last 4 months Mutare software again hired us to consult on the development of a micro site for the company’s new carrier division and the migration of their flagship site Mutare.com. Knowing we would be developing a site that would be used by multiple people for multiple sites, flexibility and resources were a must. With this in mind we built the site and template pages using the bootstrap framework knowing that the team at Mutare could modify and expand upon the site easily.

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