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UI UX Design/ Digital Product Design

WWe have worked closely with many established companies and start-ups to create dozens of web and mobile applications. These applications have brought value to customers from many different industry verticals: Healthcare, Technology, Communication, Security, Beauty, Music, Construction, etc. We also have experience creating digital products for many different business markets: B2B, Retail, SaaS, Enterprise, Public Sector, etc.

We handle everything from white-boarding to developer hand-off. Some of the regular responsibilities that are in our skill set include:

  • White-boarding Sessions
  • Information Architecture

  • Wire-framing

  • Low Fidelity Mock-ups

  • High Fidelity Mock-ups
  • Prototyping

  • Mock-Ups

  • Specification Documentation

  • UI Style guides

  • User testing

  • Preparing assets for hand off to developers

Branding/ Identity Development

WWe’ve developed Identities for company’s from all different industries: Healthcare, Technology, Communication, Beauty, Fashion, Music, Construction, Consumer Retail etc. Whether working with a start-up or established organization the path to a successful engagement is always the same. Listen to the stakeholders and team about their vision for the future, and the culture and products they are trying to create.

Branding is so much more than just creating a logo. It’s defining how your company will be portrayed across all channels of marketing and advertising. Creating a set of standards for how in-house teams and partners will use your branding assets. Some of the regular responsibilities that are in our skill set include:

  • Banding Development

  • Logo Development

  • Identity Development

  • Developing Branding Style Guides

  • Print Design Services

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Retail Signage

  • Large Print Media

  • Promotional Products

Web Design/ Development

WWe’ve designed websites for companies and start ups from many different Industries (Healthcare, Technology, Communication, Security, Beauty, Fashion, Music, Construction, etc.) and business markets (B2B, Retail, SaaS, Enterprise, Public Sector, etc.).

We begin every engagement assessing the goals of the client and unique landscape of their Industry and Market. We create a strategy based on stakeholders and team members feedback and objectives, always keeping the end users they are trying to reach at the forefront of our thought process.

It’s in our nature to have a mobile-first approach, but we know that’s not always the right fit for every project. We have designed many web-based applications that were too complicated for small screens with the amount of data users needed to have at their fingertips. We can build you a site and framework from scratch, but love working with tools like bootstrap and foundation. Many of our clients like the autonomy and versatility Content Management Systems give their organizations, and WordPress is one of our favorites.

Our ultimate goal is to create the best end product for our client. Giving them the power of measurable results and increased user engagement. Some of the regular responsibilities that are in our skill set include:

  • Web Development

  • Front End Web Development

  • CMS Development (Content Management Systems)

  • WordPress Development

  • Website Maintenance

  • Responsive Web Development

  • Web Optimization for Mobile Devices

  • Information Architecture

  • UI/ UX Design

  • Wire-Framing

  • Prototyping

  • Mock-Ups

  • Specification Documentation

  • Style Guides

  • User Testing

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