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Project Description

Clinic Link

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Marketing

Project Description

The Clinic Link platform, developed for the Heart Institute at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, provides a secure, web-based system for managing, evaluating and improving the efficiency of patient workflow during their clinic visit.

The start and completion time for each phase of the visit, from arrival through prescribed procedures and closing consult with the Institute’s attending physician, is logged and saved into the Clinic Link system. The system includes an automatic appointment reminder delivered to the patient prior to the appointment date via the patient’s preferred methods. This assures a reduction in no-shows, improved operational efficiency, and increased patient satisfaction.

The Clinic Link system also includes a video messaging component that enables attending physicians to easily and securely send a video report of their patient evaluation to the referring physician, quickly closing the communication loop while enhancing effective collaboration between cooperating care providers.

Our Role

We started working with the team at Mutare and stakeholders at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital to define business requirements and map out the architecture of the platform.

We were the Only UX/UI Designers on the team, so we were responsible for all UI designs and assets throughout the development process.

Web Application

The Clinic Dashboard, Patient Plan Scheduler, and Clinic Workflow Tracker are where the bulk of the work takes place in this application. Many meetings with stakeholders and whiteboard sessions went into getting this workflow correct.

Video Message

Following the patient visit, the attending physician can send a video report to the referring physician. This page is pre-populated with the patient profile and appointment information, as well as the contact information for the associated referring physician.

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