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Project Description

Heart Docs

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Branding

Heart Docs is a native application that allows physicians to send video messages to a patients referring physician.

Project Description

A partner application to Advocate Heart Institutes ‘Clinic Link’ application, ‘Heart Docs’ expands a physicians ability to communicate by allowing them to send video messages securely to a patient’s referring physician via their mobile device.

Our Role

After developing Clinic Link for Advocate Heart Institute with the team at Mutare, we were asked to help design the UI/UX on a partner application. Advocate Heart Institute was looking for a solution that would allow their physicians the ability to send video messages via their mobile devices securely. They wanted this to be as simple and intuitive for the physicians as it could.

We were responsible for working with the team and developing workflows and all designs on this project.

Step 1
Log in using your fingerprint or password.

Step 2
Select patient whos referring Physician you want
to send the video to.

Step 3
You can send to just the referring physician, or add additional recipients already in the system. You can also send to people outside of the system
via your contact list or typing in their email. Senders outside of the system are denoted by a red background and these recipients will
have to register before they can see the secure video message.

Step 4
Record video, preview, and send.

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