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Project Description


UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Marketing, Branding

The SonarMD platform delivers care management tools to help providers and patients dramatically improve the management of chronic diseases, empowering physicians and increasing patient engagement through a secure cloud based mobile solution.

Project Description

For Clinics, SonarMD is a secure HIPAA compliant cloud-based web application used to track patient health trends and increase patient engagement through the ongoing use of electronic health assessment surveys, and in-clinic assessments.

For patients, it’s a monthly health assessment survey that tracks their wellness, and assigns a score to identify how they are doing.

Our Role

We started from scratch working with the founders of SonarMD, stakeholders, and a small in-house team of developers, to map out the architecture of the platform, develop UX workflows, user stories, and user personas.

We took the project from whiteboard sessions to wireframes, to high fidelity mockups, to specification documentation and developer handoff.

We were responsible for all UI design, and creation/ output of all assets for developers. We also created the branding for SonarMD and other key marketing assets.

Web Application

The cloud-based web app would be used in clinics by physicians and clinic staff to track the continuing health trends of large patient populations with multiple diagnosis and disease states.

Minimizing pain points and creating an intuitive engaging experience for such a diverse range of users was a challenge. We also had to design ways for the UI to filter large amounts of patient data in smart ways to keep only what needed the user’s immediate attention at their fingertips.

Patient Survey

The patient survey is a mobile web solution that had to be secure and work on all web enabled screens (mobile, tablet, desktop).
To initiate a survey the user would receive an email with a link. After clicking on the link they would be greeted by a screen identifying them by name and asking for their password. After entering their password they are able to take the survey. Once the survey is complete they are presented with their score.

Patient Survey

The sonar patient app (designed as a native app for iOS and Android) will allow the patient’s taking the sonar surveys to see their survey history, score, and track their progress over time.

Along with giving patient’s another channel to communicate with their care team, this application also would send out notifications customized to a patient’s condition and/ or diagnosis. We also developed a gamification program to develop patient engagement and incentivize users to take their surveys and help educate them.

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