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Project Description

Enterprise Text

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Marketing, Branding, Sound Design

Project Description

Enterprise Text (eTEXT) is true business-grade text messaging application that supports two-way text conversations between employees and customers while protecting the organization’s professionalism, privacy, and control over the data and process.

  • Supports two-way text conversations from any browser or mobile device.
  • Can be applied to existing business numbers or to a text-only line.
  • Records a full audit trail of conversations for reporting, compliance and analysis.
  • Addresses regulatory requirements through secure conversation mode feature.
  • Enables individual or team response.
  • Augments call center operations through simple assignment/reassignment of eText-enabled numbers.

Our Role

We started from scratch working with the team at Mutare to map out the architecture of the platform, develop UX workflows, user stories, and user personas. We took the project from whiteboard sessions to wireframes, to high fidelity mockups, to specification documentation and developer handoff.

We were responsible for all UI design, and creation/ output of all assets for developers. We also created the branding for Enterprise Text and other key marketing assets.

Native Mobile Application

Enterprise Text gives employees the ability to engage in two-way text conversations with customers from their PC or mobile phone. The application records a full audit trail of the conversation for reporting and compliance while assuring valuable customer data is not lost to the organization.

Non-Secure/ Secure Communication

Users are able to pivot from a non-secure to secure mode should the conversation include personal health, financial, or other sensitive information. The user can switch the texting to “secure messaging” mode and continue without risk of regulatory breaches.

Selecting Recipients / Composing Messages

Enterprise Text gives you the ability to send messages to not only recipients in the company database, but also from the contact list on the users mobile device or the user can manually enter a number.

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