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Project Description

Memorial Health System
Food Services Management Tool

UX/ UI Design, Web Design

Project Description

A management tool created for Memorial Health System, to help staff speed up the time between patients and customers meal order and delivery and reduce the number of incorrect orders.

Our Role

After developing Clinic Link for Advocate Heart Institute with the team at Mutare, we were asked to help design the UI/UX on a partner application. Advocate Heart Institute was looking for a solution that would allow their physicians the ability to send video messages via their mobile devices securely. They wanted this to be as simple and intuitive for the physicians as it could.

We were responsible for working with the team and developing workflows and all designs on this project.

This product allows staff to enter (and test in real time) a patient or customer’s mobile number creating a channel of communication to text went food is being delivered, and contact if there are any questions about their order. Via the dashboard the user can manage a queue of pending orders.

The user can communicate with patients and customers about the status of food delivery, or if there are any questions about the order. This also includes a list of custom predefined message templates.

We also designed custom reporting tool to track and export data.

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