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Project Description

Help Desk

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Marketing, Branding

Project Description

Help desk is a call center user management and scheduling application that assures customers get the immediate support they expect, even when those calls come in after hours.

When servicing your support line, Help Desk takes incoming messages and delivers them to back-up staff as both an email and SMS text with a link for message playback. The application also includes the option to deliver the message as an outcall to assigned phone lines should the original alerts go unacknowledged.

Using the simple, flexible Help Desk web interface, administrators can assign on-call agents, contact method of choice, and order/timing of escalation between primary and backup agents. The application can also create a live conference connection between the caller and on-call support agents depending on the nature of the call.

Our Role

We started from scratch working with the team at Mutare to map out the architecture of the platform, develop UX workflows, user stories, and user personas.

We took the project from whiteboard sessions to wireframes, to high fidelity mockups.

We were responsible for all UI design and creation/ output of all assets for developers. We also created the branding for Help Desk and other key assets.

Help Desk is a tool for enterprise organizations. Depending on your role at that organization you will have access to different features and permissions, and see a slightly different user interface. These screens detail an admin view of some user management screens.

This is an admin view of team management. Editing the team details, members, and schedule.

This is a single user view. The user can edit their profile and notification preferences. They can also see their schedule here.

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