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Project Description

Solution Partners

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design

Project Description

Solution Partners is a staffing and consulting agency with offices in Chicago, Nashville, and Massachusetts. They have a 22-year history of connecting high-quality candidates and employers of Fortune 1000 businesses in the fields of technology, healthcare, science, and finance.

Solution Partners needed to update their web presence with a responsive solution that showcased the industry verticals they specialized in and could appeal equally to both potential candidates and potential employers. They also need this site to integrate with their third-party partners and needed all their social media channels created.

Our Role

We worked closely with stakeholders to help define their goals and establish a timeline to complete objectives. We were responsible for every aspect of this project.

Since one of their main objectives was to make the site equally attractive to both potential candidates and employers, we first created architecture and UX workflows based on user stories and possible user personas that would attract and educate two very different visitors:

1) Candidates: Highly educated and specialized users looking for a freelance, consulting or permanent placement positions.
2) Employers: hiring managers looking for high-quality candidates in very specific fields for either freelance, consulting or permanent placement positions.

Then we developed wireframe layouts and sourced the visual assets that would express the vision and character of Solution Partners brand, as well as appeal to the types of clients they wanted to attract.

Lastly, we developed the finished website and created social media channels for them on multiple platforms. We continue to maintain Solution Partners web properties today.

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