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Project Description

Surgery Status

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design

Project Description

The Surgery Status application was developed for Memorial Medical Center and provides family members, friends or associates who are accompanying someone scheduled for a procedure, with more information about the status of the procedure while they wait for the patient.

By providing this on-going communication about the status of the procedure, the Surgery Status application provides a more engaging experience for the companion and greater satisfaction in the overall experience. The companion will then be able to leave the surgery waiting area and use other amenities such as the cafeteria, outdoor areas, restrooms, gift shops, etc. without worrying that they might be out of touch during the procedure.

Our Role

Surgery Status was first released in 2014. We did the UI design for that initial release, and although the application has been successful, the UI could use an update and the user experience could use some tweaking. We worked with the team at Mutare to redesign.

We were the Only UX/UI Designers on the team. We were responsible for developing workflows and all designs on this project.

We re-examined the existing workflows, user stories, and user personas. Taking a fresh look at common tasks users would have to perform, and how we could improve the functionality of them. We found several areas we could make improvements. One of the best examples was the workflow to add a patients companion to the system.

Patient Management/ Work List

The left side of the application features a work list of patients scheduled for procedures that day. At a glance you can see the status of all patients and whether they have a companion or multiple companions.

Communication/ Companion Management

The right side allows you to input and manage the selected patient’s companions, as well as handle all communications between companions.

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