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Project Description

Wheaton Canvas

UX/ UI Design, Web Design, Mobile Design, Marketing, Branding

Project Description

Wheaton, IL based startup ‘Wheaton Canvas’ Was looking for a responsive web solution that could showcase their custom printing service and provide a front end interface that would give customers the ability to:

  • Place orders
  • Upload photos
  • Add custom notes to order
  • Receive email notifications on the status of their order

And a backend solution for employees that would:

  • Notify them when orders were placed
  • Send a direct link of the customer’s images
  • Notify them when orders were placed
  • Have the ability to assign different/ multiple users to each notification

Our Role

We worked directly with the founder to define goals and establish a timeline to complete objectives. We were responsible for every aspect of this project.

First off, we developed a site architecture, UX workflows, and wireframes based on the types of possible user personas that would visit the site. We also recommended using a CMS (content management system) to give their organization some autonomy and flexibility when it came to updates and site management. In this case, WordPress seemed to be the right fit. Because of the wide selection of third-party plugins developed for WordPress we found a great solution to handle all front-end and back-end notification and file management requirements. This kept the budget low and development time short.

After designing and getting approval on the branding. We sourced the visual assets that would express the character of Wheaton Canvas. Included in this were a few of the amazing custom prints Wheaton Canvas has done for real clients. We continue to maintain amber waves web properties today.

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